Species in ScheldeMonitor

The Species Register for the Scheldt is a start towards a complete species list of organisms that occur in the Scheldt estuary, in particular the Scheldt river and all surrounding areas under the direct influence of the tide. Inundation areas outside of the dykes are not included.

This initial list was set up on the basis of the reference matrix (prepared by experts of the T2009 consortium), the MONEOS archive & ScheldeMonitor Data Portal (data collected within the MONEOS program), literature within the ScheldeMonitor Information System, EuroBIS and the National Vegetation Database. The species can be dependent on the marine environment, brackish or fresh water or the terrestrial environment, but are always observed within the boundaries of the tidal basin of the Scheldt.

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The list is always in revision and receives updates on a regular basis. Comments from users are welcome. In case this portal contains incorrect or incomplete information or if you wish to participate in this initiative, please contact info@scheldemonitor.org.


This list is a start and aims at completeness to become a reference list of species that are observed within the Scheldt basin. The VLIZ ScheldeMonitor team maintains this register but is aware that it may be incomplete or may contain errors. ScheldeMonitor cannot be held responsible for the errors or for misuse of the data in the register.