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Phytoplankton dataset: riverine, brackish and freshwater tidal estuarine stations in the Schelde estuary (summer 1995 and spring 1996) [Fytoplankton dataset: rivier-, brak- en zoetwatergetijdegebonden stations in het bekken van het Schelde-estuarium (zomer 1995 en lente 1996)]

Availability: Restricted
The data are withheld from general circulation and disclosure but access may be obtained on a case-by-case basis through negotiation

Notes: Release with permission of the appropriate parties

This dataset contains data on phytoplankton (taxa and biomass) sampled in different stations of the basins of the Scheldt estuary. At each sampling station conductivity, dissolved oxygen concentration and Secchi depth were recorded and samples were analyzed later for nutrients (nitrate, ammonia and phosphate). more

Dataset contains data on phytoplankton that was sampled in riverine stations, in brackish stations and in freshwater tidal estuarine stations of the basins of the Scheldt estuary. Subsurface samples (0,5m depth) were taken in the estuary and its tributaries in summer (22-25 August 1995, 21 samples) and spring (11 April 1996, 11 samples). Both unconcentrated (for quantitative cell counts) and net (mesh size 10 mm) samples were taken. All phytoplankton taxa were identified and phytoplankton biomass was determined. Results were related to some important abiotic variables. Conductivity (measured with a WTW LF91), dissolved oxygen concentration (measured with a WTW oxi 61) and Secchi depth (measured by means of a black and white disc of 0.25 m diameter) were recorded at each sampling station. Samples for nutrient analysis (nitrate, ammonia and phosphate) were stored frozen and analyzed later with a Skalar (type AII flow system) autoanalyser. River discharge data for Schelde and tributaries were obtained from Administration for Waterways and Maritime affairs. Details on the sampling and analyses procedures are described in the related publication. This dataset was compiled and used in the framework of the research that was conducted by Koenraad Muylaert, described in his Phd thesis: "Muylaert, K. (1999). Distribution and dynamics of protist communities in a freshwater tidal estuary. PhD Thesis. Universiteit Gent (RUG): Gent, Belgium. 192 pp." More specifically this dataset was used to study the structural characteristics of phytoplankton assemblages in tidal and non-tidal freshwater systems (a case-study from the Schelde basin). (chapter 6).

Biology, Biology > Plankton, Coastal studies (e.g. shores, estuaries)
Fresh water, Brackish water, Estuaries, Phytoplankton, River discharge, ANE, Scheldt Estuary, Belgium, Albert Canal, Belgium, Bovenschelde, Belgium, Dender R., Belgium, Dijle R., Belgium, Durme R., Belgium, Grote Nete R., Belgium, Leuvense Vaart, Belgium, Molenbeek, Belgium, Rupel R., Belgium, Willebroek Canal, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Antwerp Harbour, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Doel, Belgium, Zenne R.

Geographical coverage
ANE, Scheldt Estuary [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Albert Canal Stations [Marine Regions]
Alb: Albertkanaal
Belgium, Bovenschelde Stations [Marine Regions]
Zwi: Schelde Zwijnaarde
Gen: Schelde Gent
Belgium, Dender R. Stations [Marine Regions]
Den: Dender
Belgium, Dijle R. Stations [Marine Regions]
Dij: Dijle
Belgium, Durme R. Stations [Marine Regions]
Dur: Durme
Due: Durme
Belgium, Grote Nete R. Stations [Marine Regions]
Net: Nete
Belgium, Leuvense Vaart Stations [Marine Regions]
Leu: Leuvense Vaart
Belgium, Molenbeek Stations [Marine Regions]
Mo1: Molenbeek Melle
Mo2: Molenbeek Uitbergen
Belgium, Rupel R. Stations [Marine Regions]
Rup: Rupel
Belgium, Willebroek Canal Stations [Marine Regions]
Wil: Willebroekkanaal
Belgium, Zeeschelde Stations [Marine Regions]
Sch: Schelde Schelle
Ant: Schelde Antwerpen
Tem: Schelde Temse
Mel: Schelde Melle
Sta: Schelde St. Amands
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Antwerp Harbour Stations [Marine Regions]
Ame: Amerikadok
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Doel Stations [Marine Regions]
Doe: Schelde Doel
Belgium, Zenne R. Stations [Marine Regions]
Zen: Zenne

Temporal coverage
22 August 1995 - 25 August 1995
11 April 1996

Ammonium (NH4+)
Dissolved oxygen (O2)
Nitrate (NO3-)
Phosphate (PO43-)
Phytoplankton biomass
Phytoplankton density
Secchi depth

Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Laboratorium voor Protistologie en Aquatische Ecologie (PAE), moredata ownerdata creator

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Based on this dataset
Muylaert, K. et al. (1997). Structural characteristics of phytoplankton assemblages in tidal and non-tidal freshwater systems: a case study from the Schelde basin, Belgium. Freshwat. Biol. 38(2): 263-276., more

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research
Metadatarecord created: 2005-08-09
Information last updated: 2013-04-09
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